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Turkuwaz Educational Consultancy strives to enlighten the path of the new generation with the understanding of helping to create future leaders who have a common core, and relationship for life. Our mission is to provide the best universities under the umbrella of a safe, disciplined learning environment and innovative but creative hands-on classes that empower students to develop their full potential at the best universities where they can get a life-long learning and interact with people who have a different background. 


Since 2015, we feel strongly about helping to build leaders that have the ability to succeed in whatever endeavor they undertake in the best Turkish universities. Winning is not always the measure of success. Our students understand the "Win, win" philosophy and use it in their daily life while embracing long-lasting experience in a bridge that connects Asia and Europe.


Common standards keep us focused on ensuring students who want to have an international career in one of the countries that contains a great amount of cultural diversity. Last but just as importantly, setting examples for our candidates who have a passion to study in Turkey with meaningful and lasting relationships will go with them throughout their lifetime.


As Turkuwaz Educational Consultancy we help hundreds of thousands students to study in Turkey. We are with you through your admission process and for all your needs that contain residence permit, accommodation, etc.



Our Services

Free Guaranteed admissions into private universities
Find adequate accommodation
Airport pickup service
Open student bank accounts
Apply for health insurance
Apply for residency permission and transportation card
Translate and certify official documents
Admission to private Arabic schools
Admission to language courses
Post-graduate services
Be our partner

Because we always strive for the best and we have always believed in the importance of participation, we are offering the possibility to those who want to join a rapidly growing academic network. Join us and become our representative. All you need to do is to fill in the link with the required information, our management's office will contact you and guide you through the process.

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