undergraduate applications

Undergraduate Applications


If you've decided to apply to Turkish universities, you understand the value of an equivalent diploma and where it can lead. You've taken numerous steps to get here, and your entire college application is a reflection of who you are, everything you've accomplished along the way, and the numerous interests and passions that drive the next step.


Each year, we strive to create a new high-quality opportunity for intellectually curious, highly motivated, and academically successful individuals with strong moral character. Our goal is to assist you in choosing a future for yourself that will contribute to our inclusive community state and globally, not only through academic pursuits, but also through leadership, integrity, and perseverance.


For both freshman and transfer applications, each application is reviewed holistically. This means that no single piece of information, such as your grade point average, class rank, essays, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation (optional), or standardized test scores, can determine whether you are a good fit for our community (optional). Instead, the selection is based on a thorough review of all the information you provide about your application, both academically and personally. This enables us to fully comprehend an applicant's potential to succeed at universities in Turkey in any department of interest.


Prior to applying as an overseas undergraduate student, applicants must first satisfy the requirements listed below in accordance with Turkish Higher Education Consulate legislation and submit an online application in compliance with the requirements established by private universities. By emphasizing what you require, Turkwaz Educational Consultancy who operates in Turkey, will help you through the admissions process and make it simpler.


Foreigners can apply to the undergraduate programs provided by numerous private colleges whether they are in their senior year of high school or have already graduated.


All along your undergraduate admissions journey, Turkwaz Educational Consultancy is present. Together, we prepare your applications using a simple and straightforward method, and we advise you on every element that Turkish colleges want.


Contact us if you want to fulfill your desire to study in Turkey.




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