Accounting and Financial Management


  • Accounting is a profession that has been developing continuously with the advancement of technology and trade. However, with the rapid development of the economy, the importance of accounting and finance has increased. In order to train qualified personnel in this field, accounting and financial management departments were opened in universities. 


    The department of accounting and financial management aims to raise individuals who have advanced knowledge about all the details of this department, are successful in human relations, sensitive to the environment and events, and open to development. It aims to train accounting and financial management specialists, financial advisors, auditors, and manager candidates from all levels, who can operate in the private and public sectors, which are constantly improving themselves in this field. 


    The accounting and financial management department provides the necessary resources and information for the future, and trains experts to make the necessary plans and projects. 

    • What is the Accounting and Financial Management Department? 

    The Accounting and Financial Management department is a department where a professional member who takes part in financial transactions and reports and analyzes the financial statements in the document and recording process is brought into business life. During university education, students go through a career-oriented process. 


    Students who gain knowledge during their education years about the accounting process and financial structure are given education to be candidates for independent accountants, certified public accountants, and audit departments. Students also study economics, finance and business. 


    The Department of Accounting and Financial Management aims to train qualified students who make a difference, produce rational solutions, know what they want, have a good command of technology, and can successfully carry out accounting and finance activities. Those who want to work in the field of accounting and financial management should give due importance to this profession. There is a great need in the sector for well-equipped individuals with high knowledge and skills in this field. 


    This professional group has a great responsibility before the law. Independent financial advisors, sworn consultants and independent auditors in the professional group receive certificates by taking the exams held under the supervision of the state. People in this occupational group are subject to continuous training throughout their professional lives by constantly updating themselves. Students studying in this department receive education according to generally accepted accounting principles and complete their academic development with theoretical and practical applications. 

    • What are Accounting and Financial Management Courses? 
      • Financial Accounting 
      • The English 
      • Business 
      • Maths 
      • Micro Economy 
      • Basic Law 
      • Turkish language 
      • Finance Mathematics 
      • Financial Accounting 
      • Statistics 
      • Macro Economics 
      • Law of Obligations 
      • Labor and Social Security Law 
      • Business Finance 
      • Public finance 
      • Use of Information Technologies 
      • Atatürk's principles and reforms 
      • Cost accounting 
      • Professional Responsibility and Ethics 
      • Computerized Accounting Applications 
      • Critical Thinking, Creativity and Entrepreneurship 
      • Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law 
      • Accounting Information Systems 
      • Commercial law 
      • English Literacy Techniques 
      • Bank and Insurance accounting 
      • Health Institutions Accounting 
      • Foreign Trade Transactions Accounting 
      • Accounting Standards 
      • Strategic Planning, Project and Risk Management 
      • Company Accounting 
      • Tax Law 
      • Hospitality Accounting 
      • Portfolio management 
      • Construction and Real Estate Accounting E-Commerce 
      • professional English 
      • Turkish Tax System 
      • Entrepreneurship for Applied Sciences 
      • Environmental Protection, Occupational Health and Safety 
      • Quality Assurance and Quality Management Systems 
      • Social Responsibility and Community Service Practice 

    and many more. 


    • What are the Accounting and Financial Management Job Opportunities? 

    Accounting and Financial Management has a wide range of job opportunities. Graduates can work in the public sector or private sector. Graduates of businesses; 

      • In industrial companies, 
      • In commercial companies, 
      • In financial market institutions 
      • Accounting department 
      • Finance department, 
      • In the audit department 
      • In national and international organizations 
      • In International Finance and Banking 
      • In the insurance industry 
      • In a management position in companies 
      • In the Financial and Administrative Affairs Department of the Companies 
      • Financial planner, 
      • Tax consultant 
      • Financial analyst 
      • Portfolio manager 
      • Member of the supervisory board 
      • Account specialist 
      • Internal auditor 
      • Revenue controller 
      • Tax inspector 
      • Certified Public Accountant (with qualifying exam) 
      • Financial Advisor (with qualifying exam) 
      • Independent auditor (with qualifying exam) 
      • You can pursue an academic career in universities to work as an academician. 



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