HealthCare Management


    Healthcare Management is the department that aims to train individuals who have the authority and knowledge required for the operation, management and planning of their activities in the institutions and organizations in the health sector. 

    • How many years of education in the Department of Healthcare Management? 

    The Department of Healthcare Management is a 4-year undergraduate department that is taught at universities. While in some universities this department is under the Faculty of Health Sciences, but in some universities, education is given within the scope of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. 

    • What are Healthcare Management Departmental Courses? 

    Candidate students who will choose the Department of Healthcare Management at the university; 

      • Health Law, 
      • Introduction to Business, 
      • Medical Documentation, 
      • General accounting, 
      • Information Systems in Health Services, 
      • Health Institutions Legislation, 
      • Customer relations management, 
      • Organization Development in Health Institutions, 
      • Financial Management in Health Institutions, 
      • Social Psychology, 
      • Health Sociology, 
      • Organizational Behavior in Health Institutions, 
      • Health tourism, 
      • Health Systems, 
      • Business in Health Institutions, 
      • Medical Terminology 

    and they will receive training in many more subjects. 

    • What Does a Graduate of the Healthcare Management Department Do? 

    Healthcare Management determines the process of organizing and coordinating the performance of a healthcare facility. A healthcare manager oversees the business and administrative activities of a healthcare facility, and includes clinical or non-clinical staff, partner organizations, insurance companies, government agencies, etc. be responsible for the overall internal health system. 

    • What are the Job Opportunities for a Graduate of Healthcare Management? 

    Healthcare Management graduates can work in almost any institution in the health sector. 

    Health institutions; 

      • Administration, 
      • Business 
      • Planning 


    They can take part in departments such as; 

      • Hospital Managements, 
      • Health Services Organization, 
      • Health Financing, 
      • Health Insurance, 
      • Health Technologies and Usage, 
      • Pharmaceutical Companies, 
      • Supply Chain Companies 

    They can work in institutions that carry out various R&D studies that will benefit the general functioning of health institutions, train the personnel of health institutions or carry out the necessary studies in these areas, they can also take part in institutions that provide services in the evaluation of the financial works of the same institutions and efficient use of resources. 


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