• Studying medicine in Turkey: An alternative to consider. For many students, studying Medicine remains a dream. For most students, studying medicine in their home country is impossible due to very high requirements or tuition fees. Turkey is often a preferred destination for international students who want to realize their dreams of becoming a doctor. 

    Studying medicine in Turkey, can be learned in English or Turkish at İstanbul’s distinguished universities. 

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    First and second year: 

    As in other countries, the first two years are full of basic science. 

    Third year: 

    From year 3, you will have a theoretical and practical introduction to diseases. 

    Consists of 4th and 5th year clinical internships 

    Last year of medical school: 

    The last year of medical studies is spent as a general practitioner later in the university hospital. You take on the duties of a normal doctor. 6-year-old students are called "intern". This is the first stage of medical assistance, education in Turkey. Interns are rewarded by the university with a modest monthly salary for their medical work. 


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