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With the University Programs, you have the opportunity to fulfill your aspirations, grow in your job, and pursue your academic interests. Turkey is ready to welcome you if getting into a university is one of your dreams!


Foreigners can study in Turkey at universities without exams.


What makes Turkey special?


There are numerous reasons for you to study in Turkey. Turkey, with its city-specific natural, spiritual, and transportation properties, has captured the attention of the world.


1.Higher Education Opportunities of High Quality


Turkey has the world's second highest enrollment rate in higher education, at 94.2%. The European Higher Education Area, which is based in Turkey, is an excellent way to put the Bologna Process into action; Turkey’s Bologna report is a 5 out of 5; So you have a diploma from a recognized Turkish university that is recognized throughout Europe! ECTS is used as a course credit system in Europe, and all students receive a Diploma Supplement. Furthermore, Turkey is one of the most successful countries in the Erasmus + scope exchange program as well as Erasmus promotes student and lecturer mobility in Turkey through a variety of exchange programs such as Farabi and Mevlana.


2. University and Program Diversity


Turkey, with a population of 82 million people, has 206 universities. There are nearly 8 million students. Turkey was the first country in the European Higher Education Area to have this many students. In 206 universities, there are 58,092 different programs. With so many options, you will undoubtedly find a university and a program that suits you.


3. Multicultural Life


Turkey has hosted many civilizations for thousands of years, creating a cultural mosaic! Everyone in this country, which has hosted and continues to host numerous civilizations, is tolerant and respectful of one another. Where you can find a part of your ancestors and possibly meet people who speak your language in Turkey, it is ideal for students looking for a safe and peaceful environment.


4. Natural Beauty

Turkey is known for having four distinct seasons. Swimming and rafting can be done in the rivers and lakes of Turkey, as well as mountain skiing in several cities. Extreme sports such as skydiving are also available. When you see these stunning things, you'll feel like you're in heaven in Turkey, and just their perspectives will entice you!


5. Cultural and Historical Heritage


In Turkey, there are thousands of historical and cultural monuments, the majority of which are designated as UNESCO Cultural Heritage. You'll wish to follow the traces you can commonly come across even in your daily life!


6. Student-friendly


At every institution, social groups, sports teams, and cultural activities bring students together and close geographical distances. Students will comprehend the significance of interacting in the city's busiest spots when they visit Turkey. Cities are alive 24 hours a day because of the cafes, eateries, and libraries where students congregate.


7. Warmly welcoming Turks


The warmth of the Turkish people has earned them a famous reputation around the world! People will offer their finest and sincerest assistance if you ask for it as a student. You are invited to stay with us, and we have plenty of sweets to gratify you. You can be certain that you won't miss home while you're here.


8. Campuses with Modern Technology


You will enjoy a contemporary, convenient, and tech-forward campus life at any of the 206 universities you choose to attend.


9. Convenient Living Condition


Life in Turkey is less expensive than in most other countries. You can find reasonable lodging, dining, and entertainment options. You can rent a house for a reasonable price or live in dorms on or near educational campuses. Furthermore, as a student, you can choose to watch the movie in the theater for less money or receive discounted tickets.


Turkey is also easily accessible for that nation in Central Asia and Europe. Turkey has many sights to see, and no matter which route you take, you can get there quickly and comfortably.


10. Turkish Learning Possibilities


English is the primary language of instruction in several university programs in Turkey. Turkish, the fifth most spoken language in the world, is also accessible for study! By enrolling in Turkish courses at your university, you can broaden your social network and learn a new language.


Admissions for International Students to Study in Turkey

International students who have completed secondary education in high school or a similar institution similar to a Turkish school of education and wish to pursue a bachelor's degree in Turkey. They can apply directly to the university of their choice and select a program yet it will be easier if you work with one of the best educational consultancy in Turkey. Turkwaz Educational Consultancy is the best place to realize your dream of studying in Turkey.


Graduate/postgraduate international students who wish to continue their studies in Turkey must apply directly to the university, which determines its own admission requirements. Some international students can also apply for a variety of scholarships.


Tuition Fees


Tuition fees are applied differently in public and non-profit foundation universities. Tuition fees at state universities are determined and announced by the Council of Ministers, taking into account the type and duration of studies in various disciplines. Tuition fees at non-profit foundation universities are set by the University's Board of Trustees.


Students must pay tuition fees for each semester before enrolling in classes at the start of each semester. It is distributed through various scholarships at both public and non-profit foundation universities, where a certain percentage of students are admitted. These scholarships may be eligible for partial tuition waivers, merit or scholarship support. Some of these scholarships may cover academic materials, housing, food and beverages, and even grants. In addition to this assistance, student scholarships and research assistance are two other types of assistance that can assist you while studying in Turkey.


Foreign Students Should Understand in Order to Attend Universities in Turkey


The number of students coming to study from abroad has begun to increase as the quality of our universities has improved. There are numerous reasons why international students choose Turkey for their training. This is why it is one of the first in Turkey as a treasure for students who want to learn new cultures. Turkey, as a country has made many civilizations and is located in a region considered the cradle of civilization. Another factor is the rise in the number of universities that have begun to appear in global rankings.


Our universities' entrance standards are comparable to those of both public and private universities, as demanded by international students. Private universities, which generally have the same entrance standards, can set some unique stipulations.

For receiving international students' training, Turkey has established a number of requirements. These conditions can be enumerated as follows:


Admission Criteria for International Students in Undergraduate Programs


Foreign students must present certain documentation to the university units in Turkey in order to apply, as stipulated by the universities. The following is a list of the papers that the universities have asked for:


Admission Form



Each university has a student admission form that is created using its own spelling conventions and drafts. On the websites of the universities, prospective international students can obtain the student admission forms.


The equivalent of a high school diploma


Students must show their schools if they wish to take advantage of educational opportunities in Turkey and other nations for the training they have obtained in high school or an equivalent diploma. Examples of the translated diplomas into Turkish must be approved by a notary or the Turkish Foreign Representative.


Note Transcript


Candidates with diplomas must also have their transcripts approved by the Turkish Foreign Representative or a notary.


English Proficiency Exam


For university enrollment, foreign students must follow the academic calendar of the relevant university. The academic calendars of universities in Turkey may differ. Applications must be submitted with the required documents determined by the universities within the registration dates. Application procedures are not accepted for applications that do not include all required documents or for registrations that do not occur on the specified dates.


To study in Turkey, foreign students must demonstrate their English proficiency. Students who do not receive a sufficient language score must enroll in an English education preparatory course for one (1) year. Students who pass the English proficiency exam and have completed one (1) year of preparatory education begin taking academic courses at the appropriate university departments.


What exactly is the University Entrance Exam for International Students?


Until 2011, foreign students were admitted to the university. After 2011, foreign students' university entrance exams were administered by university-established commissions. Students who wish to take the foreign student examination must apply to the university units to which they intend to apply.


Foreign students can learn about the foreign student university entrance exam and the relevant dates by visiting the websites of the universities to which they intend to apply.


Student Permit


The university sends a "student acceptance letter" to students who pass the English proficiency exam and foreign student university entrance exam. Foreign students must obtain visas from the countries listed on their acceptance letter from the Turkey Consulate.


Foreign students living in Turkey can obtain a student visa by submitting college acceptance letters to the Turkey Foreign Representative.


Foreign students who are unable to obtain a student visa are not permitted to enroll at the university.


Permit for Residency


A residence permit is another legal requirement for foreign students to begin their studies in Turkey. Foreign students must apply for a residence permit with the Immigration Administration in their city of residence. Foreign students who wish to study in Turkey must apply because the law requires a one-month residence permit. Every year, residency permits must be renewed.


Health insurance


Foreign nationals in Turkey to be used in health status will encounter students who are required to have health insurance. In the absence of health insurance, students may be required to cover all health-related costs themselves.


To summarize; Turkey and Turkwaz Educational Consultancy contribute to international student mobility in the world's surrounding region, bringing together future leaders. Turkey's long-term relationship with the education-oriented country has led to the belief that friendship.


The different cultural backgrounds educated the young population, Turkey's development, and provided an important opportunity for the peaceful resolution of the country's global problems. Turkey Scholarship Program, a global mutual understanding based on solidarity and equality of opportunity, Turkey has set its goals in accordance with these principles.


With this global vision, Turkey is home for people who are seeking for its unique historical and geographical importance of education in line with our age's values, and invites international students to study in Turkey.





















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