Digital Game Design


    Department of Digital Game Design is an interdisciplinary department that aims to train competent individuals who will take part in the game industry, which is developing more and more each day with new technology products, and who will prepare and present games to the service of game lovers with their creativity. Within the scope of the digital game design department, students will receive education on how interactive experiences are designed. Students will examine the mechanics of game design, meaningful gameplay, game content, game playing, technical features of game design software, game engines, and how to design a visually rich game environment. 

    • How many years is the Digital Game Design Education Period?  

    Digital Game Design is a 4-year undergraduate department taught at universities. 


    This department will blend, nurture and combine students' imaginations with the latest technologies to create games and experiences. Graduates of this program are an area that is sorely lacking in the digital entertainment and computer game industry. 

    • What are the Digital Game Design Department Courses? 

    Candidate students who plan to include this department in their lists during the university preference period; 

      • Mathematics for Digital Game Design, 
      • Coding for Digital Games, 
      • History of art, 
      • Visual Perception Psychology, 
      • Digital Game Mechanics and Design, 
      • Game Character Design, 
      • Sustainable Development and Cinema, 
      • News Presenting and Diction on TV, 
      • Digital Game Storytelling and Script, 
      • Cyber security, 
      • E-Sports, 
      • Physics for Digital Game Design, 
      • Social Media Marketing, 
      • Virtual Reality Applications and Digital Game, 


    If they successfully complete many courses, especially many courses within the scope of their education, which will last for 8 semesters, they will be entitled to obtain a "Digital Game Design Undergraduate Diploma". 

    • What Does a Digital Game Design Graduate Do? 

    The digital game industry is a rapidly advancing field. There are many options in front of graduates who will start working in this field. 


    Department graduates, who have the opportunity to work in companies that produce games for many media, from mobile phones to personal computers, from game consoles to tablets; 


    They can work as software developers, graphic designers, screenwriters, art directors and content planners in the digital game field. 



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