Graphic Design


  • The aim of the Graphic Design department is to bring students who have high visual intelligence, strong imagination, wide perspective, versatile vision and thinking skills to the sector. 

    A graduate of the Graphic Design department prepares appropriate visuals for the subject by collecting information and conducting research on the subject to be designed, and aims to establish a strong bond between the product he creates and the customer. Graduates of this department are given titles such as Graphic Designer, Art Director or Graphic Technician. 

    • Graphic Design Department Education Period and Curriculum 

    In the Graphic Design department, a 4-year undergraduate education is given. The students of the department prepare for the future with applied courses and gain experience. There are compulsory internships in the second and third years. 

    • Candidate students who have Graphic Design Department in their preference list; 

      Color Theories, 

      History of art, 

      Two Dimensional Design, 

      Three Dimensional Design, 

      Computer Design Programs, 

      Production Techniques in Graphics, 



      Web designing, 

      Introduction to Advertising Graphic Design, 

    They will be responsible for many courses, especially and many similar courses during their 4-year education period. Upon successful completion of these courses, they will obtain the "Bachelor of Graphic Design Diploma". Graduates of this department are given the title of Graphic Designer. 


    • Job Opportunities for Graphic Design Graduates 

    Graduates of Graphic Design who want to continue their career as a graphic designer; 

         In Advertising Companies, 

         Publishing Houses 

           Graphic Consulting, 

          In Cartoon Workshops, 

         Art Consulting, 

           In Media Organizations, 

        In Media Institutions, 

    can work in the sector above listed. They may have the opportunity to work with titles such as instructor, graphic designer, graphic technician, art director, web designer. If they want to go to the field of teaching, they can become an academician by obtaining the necessary documents. 








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